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Having a website is an important part of your business… But what about having a landing page? What exactly could a landing page do for your business, and how do they work? Find out on today’s episode. Key Takeaways Why the world’s best companies use landing pages, How to maximize your landing page’s sales potential,...
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You’ve probably seen it before. You go to search for your favorite business on Google, and a big information box comes up on the side of the search results! Fortunately, that box is just the beginning of what’s possible when it comes to advertising your business. Welcome to search engine listings Key Takeaways What the...
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Do you want people to find you through a google search? If so then search engine optimization also known as SEO should be at the top of your priority list. You won’t be able to lead anyone towards your business if they can’t find you. Do you know that almost 93% of people have their...
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Search engines like Google don’t allow signals from social media to directly affect ranking, but social media gives marketing professionals many ways to put their businesses in front of search engine result pages. Consider these three ways to impact SEO, or search engine optimization, using social media, 1.   Social Sharing drives traffic Posting links to...
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In a modern world of the information revolution, showing up on the front page of any search engine may become a complementary factor between a well-functioning business and a poor-functioning business. Showing up on the front page ensures visibility of the content and website on search engine pages. SEO stands for search engine optimization. Using...
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Just like Christmas, All Hallows Eve has something to offer your business if you want to grow your business! You don’t have to be an eCommerce store or online subscription service to take advantage of these SPOOKY ideas! Frightening Tip #1: Drive traffic to your website by “decorating” Yes! You can decorate your website just...
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If you’re reading this I know two things about you: 1. You own or operate a small business 2. You want to learn how to get a competitive advantage against your competitors on the internet Listed below are the 100 most searched keywords on Google! With this knowledge and the recommendations below the list, you...
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