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Selling your agency can be a daunting task no matter what stage of the process you are in. You’ve likely had questions cross your mind such as, “How much is it all worth?” or, “Am I even ready to do this?” While strategic questions such as these often serve us well, there comes a point...
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Marketing professionals talking around a table.
Remember the last time you met someone who would only talk about things that didn’t interest you? It was almost as if they were marketing themselves instead of having a conversation. Can you recall how you may have tried to be polite and concentrate on what they said, but they didn’t hold your attention? How...
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Having a website is an important part of your business… But what about having a landing page? What exactly could a landing page do for your business, and how do they work? Find out on today’s episode. Key Takeaways Why the world’s best companies use landing pages, How to maximize your landing page’s sales potential,...
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Do you have an email list? Have you ever considered implementing them into your daily business operations? It may be worth more than you think. In today’s episode, we will dive into… Key Takeaways Why email lists are more than what meets the eye, The biggest value email lists provide, and How email lists could...
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You may not have the title of a salesperson, but you’ve been selling your whole life. Parents spend countless hours trying to sell their kids on making their bed, doing their chores, and studying for tests. Entrepreneurs spend significant time trying to convince the right people to believe in their idea, so they can gain...
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Whether you recently started a business and beginning to gain customers or you already have an established business, learning how to build trust with your customers is key. This asset can even lead to attracting more customers to purchase your products and services. As an entrepreneur, you need to learn key skills to keep your...
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The Holiday season is here, the busiest season of the year. Buyers everywhere get into a frenzy shopping mood looking for last-minute gifts, electronics, clothing, Christmas decorations and more. This being the busiest time of the year, businesses tend to make more sales at this time. At the same time business are competing to outdo...
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Just like Christmas, All Hallows Eve has something to offer your business if you want to grow your business! You don’t have to be an eCommerce store or online subscription service to take advantage of these SPOOKY ideas! Frightening Tip #1: Drive traffic to your website by “decorating” Yes! You can decorate your website just...
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Using social media platforms for marketing plays a big role in the growth of businesses. Millions of people are using social media to share pictures and life stories and the best businesses are utilizing its power too. Finding customers online is easy if you have the right strategy. Instagram is one of the largest social...
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About Dick

Dick is a tech hybrid that combines his business experience, marketing background, and software engineering education to solve tough problems.

As the Chief Growth Officer of Online Growth Systems, Dick leads the team to help our clients grow their SaaS and Ecommerce businesses.

In addition to being a speaker and an entrepreneur, Dick is the host of The Dick Polipnick Show, where he interviews mad scientists, Olympic athletes, business moguls, and top performers in their industry.


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