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Andrew Hed: Brand Kit

Andrew Hed Brand Study

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Color Psychology

We determined Andrew’s color palette by taking inspiration from his childhood favorites and applying a fresh “coat of paint” to reflect his personal brand and successful career.

Provide your choice of colors or let our team build a palette for your brand. Our specialists choose colors based on the positioning of your brand and the psychographics of your target audience. Our clients always have final say.

Brand Terminology

Brands are more than logos and colors. They are an experience. They are the thought someone has when they hear the brand’s name. They are a legacy. Honoring Andrew’s family legacy was one of the cornerstones of his brand that we had to balance along with his reputation for trailblazing.

Brands aren’t just words on a page, it’s what words TO put on a page. It’s how it’s read, how it’s understood, and how it’s felt. Some of Andrew’s key verbiage that influenced how his brand was designed and is meant to be felt include “Professional”, “Streamlined”, “Modern”, and “Clean.”

Tell the world what makes you unique with new taglines and naming conventions. Represent what your brand prioritizes most with value definition. From Elevator Pitches to Social Media Bios to one-line taglines, Online Growth Systems has the expertise to craft the story that you want to tell.

Logos + Iconography

If there is one creative deliverable that goes through the most iterations, it’s a brand’s logo. From single pixel adjustments to complete overhauls, logos are the visual extension of everything a brand stands for.

Sometimes a brand can become so powerful that it dethrones even the most common everyday used words. If we were to show you the drawing of a particular red fruit with a bite missing from the top right corner, you’d immediately think of the company, and not the fruit, Apple.

With Andrew Hed’s logo, we went through dozens of iterations and many different concepts. From day one on the whiteboard, up until the final perfected logo file, Online Growth Systems guided Andrew through our proven logo design process to eliminate choice fatigue and get to the most desired result sooner. We don’t make the first strike of the pencil until we’ve thoroughly discussed what the brand ought to be, and, more importantly, what it ought not to be.

You can see some of the different variations we went through along our logo design process. We had earlier drafts that looked like a camera lens to reflect his videography freelance work, but we went with the “Mountain Peak” design to reflect his ambitious career. We mirrored the “A” and “H” angles to instill modern design and leveraged the assets of the letter “H” to bridge the intentionally missing horizontal line from the “A”.

Like we did for Andrew Hed, our in-house creative team will craft a responsive set of logos that come in a package of over 45 files to represent your brand.


Did you know there are hundreds of thousands of fonts in existence? Choose heading and body fonts or leave it to our specialists. Serif, Sans-Serif, and anything in-between.

Brand Guide

Andrew Hed gets a lot of press inquiries and is featured in publications like Forbes and USA Today Money. We created a simplified Brand Guide for Andrew Hed (the person and the brand) for the press to use to accurately represent his brand.

Tie all of your assets together in one place with a Brand Guide. Letting vendors and designers know how to use your brand image properly is key to any successful business.

Andrew's Testimonial

Hear what Andrew Hed has to say about his experience in working with Online Growth Systems.

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