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Accelerating Sales to a 10x Return for a Housename Ecomm Brand

Skidoo Outlet Ecommerce Case Study


Skidoo Outlet came to Online Growth Systems looking for a way to increase their online sales. Before hiring us, their revenues for the previous month (June 2017- $1,805) had decreased by 45.67% compared to the same period in the previous year (June 2016). The marketing cost however was up by 255% ($2,057) despite the low revenue. The ROAS for that month was 0.88.


Online Growth Systems did a comprehensive analysis of all the client’s online platforms and existing strategies. OGS made recommendations to improve sales and client’s ROI. Part of the strategy was to start utilizing some social media platforms that we not being used by the client previously, for instance, Facebook and Instagram. OGS also developed a marketing and social media strategy which included giveaways and social media advertising.


After careful planning and discussions  with the client, we started implementing the different strategies. Below are the results obtained from the month of October to December, 2017. 


In the month of October, the total cost of marketing was $1,640 which converted to a total of $15,120. A whopping ROAS of 9.2. The sale increase was 837% ($15120/$1805) more compared to when we started.


In the month of November, 2017, revenue generated was $159, 742 with an advertising cost of $16,412. A whooping ROI of 9.7. The sale increase was 8849% ($159,742/$1805) more compared to the month of June.


In December, 2017, advertisement cost was $9,411 and generated a revenue of $87,956. A ROI of 9.3. The sale increase was 4872% ($87,956/$1805) more compared to the month of June.

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