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SHYLD Academy Case Study

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Website Design and Development

One of our most complicated website design projects to date, SHYLD’s lists of both aesthetic preferences and technical requirements were lengthy. Online Growth Systems was tasked with recreating the User-Experience and design of Tesla’s website with the content of an alternative to an Undergraduate University, with the technical jargon and competency of a Senior Cybersecurity Engineer to write the website’s written copy and showcase the company’s subject-matter-expertise.

We built this website to scale with SHYLD, featuring full e-commerce capabilities, built-in sales tools, marketing landing pages, and lead generation funnels.

Chatbot Development

Meet Satoshi. Named after the pseudonym of blockchain technology and the founder of Bitcoin (a technical reference marketed specifically for potential customers of SHYLD), Satoshi was built to act as a low-cost employee and “agent” of SHYLD.

The smart chatbot is built to handle customer service questions, handle technical support for their students and customers, and also act as a business development (sales) representative. If you’d like to play around with Satoshi, go ahead and visit SHYLD’s website and start chatting!

The Online Growth Systems team built Satoshi using if/then logic and automated data input to make it more predictive and human-like. Our team built the chatbot using the HubSpot platform and has it fully integrated with all of SHYLD’s emails, CRM, and website.

Strategic Consulting

Our clients get the benefit of having a business partner in their corner, not just sitting on their bench, but going up to bat for them and with them. This was one of the highlights of working with SHYLD Academy during their first 12 months in business.

The Online Growth Systems team did more than just marketing and writing code. Our Strategist was 1 of 3 people on SHYLD’s leadership team, actively participating in their weekly Level 10 (L10) Meetings. We provided insight into the technical sides of their business (outside of Cybersecurity), spearheaded the marketing plan and initiatives, and provided ongoing business consulting ranging from fundraising to business plan development.

When you work with Online Growth Systems, we ask the tough questions and help you find answers. For starters, how are you going to beat the competition?


SHYLD was one of our clients who used our partnership to it’s maximum capabilities. They outsourced nearly 90% of their marketing department to their dedicated Online Growth Systems’ team members. We handled the smallest tasks of designing a social media graphic to the largest initiatives like crafting their first Marketing Plan.

Some of the marketing services we provided included SEO (Search Engine Optimization), Social Media Marketing, Content Creation, Blogging (Writing, Proofreading, etc.), Content Posting & Distribution, Social Media Engagement, our Platform Build package, Public Relations (PR), and more!

Video Production

We partnered with SHYLD on various video projects with various budget ranges. Some of our most fun and notable video work we did for them includes their Kickstarter campaign video, which helped them get their Kickstarter Campaign funded and their products pre-sold.

Some other video projects we delivered for SHYLD include their Kickstarter video marketing campaign, video content for their website and investors, and even short customized videos for their Kickstarter backers, among others. We have more than 1 of SHYLD’s videos featured on our Video Samples page, which you can view by clicking here.

Tyler Olson, CEO of SHYLD Academy, Testimonial

Hear what Tyler Olson has to say about his experience in working with Online Growth Systems.

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