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Analytics Package

About This Package

Get a grasp of your visitors’ and followers’ behavior online! This package will increase the accuracy of ad campaigns, posts, and the direction of your businesses marketing efforts.

What's Included

Google Tag Manager

Our experts will install and integrate Google Tag Manager into your website so you can track, monitor, analyze, and receive reports on your traffic and advertising efforts.

Google Analytics

Gain insights into your website’s traffic including demographics, locations, time spent on site, popularity of pages, bounce rate, etc. Google Analytics will feed data to your marketing and advertising team & Google AdWords.

Facebook Pixel

Our team will install and integrate Pixel into your website in order to build a list of users who have visited your website over time and curate reports and recommendations based on your traffic. Pixel provides the ability to retarget these users with advertising!

LinkedIn Insights Tag

LinkedIn Insights Tag provides data insights into the actions of your users on your website and how that data correlates with their professional LinkedIn profile, providing data insights into your B2B sales and position oriented marketing strategy.

Twitter Conversion Tracking

Keep track of traffic and conversion to identify trends in users and their interests on Twitter.  Provides the ability to retarget these users with advertising.

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