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How to Setup and Optimize a Facebook Page for your Business

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If you are looking to expand the awareness of your brand, starting a Facebook Business account is a great idea. Not only can you have a Facebook page, but you can also advertise and benefit from additional business features. The good thing about Facebook is that once you set up a business account, creating other accounts becomes ten times easier through FB’s platform. First, we’ll focus on setting up Facebook, then we will link your new profile to your business’s Instagram page in the next article. Ready to get started?


The first step in being able to create pages for your clients is to set up a Facebook Business Manager account if you do not already have one. Visit and click “Create Account” in the upper-righthand corner.


Next, select “Create Business” in the top right corner.


Enter all the necessary information for your business. When completing a setup, it is important to remember to be as accurate as possible to prevent issues in the future.


Once your page is created you can add new people to help you manage your account. To do this, simply navigate to the settings menu item on the left hand side of your account and select “Page Roles”. Then, select the button in the upper right corner. You can select different permission levels for each person, depending on their job requirements.


It’s that simple; you should now be done creating your first facebook business account! The next step is to connect Instagram to your Facebook Page! For more info read this blog here:

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