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Brand Positioning


My Favorite Barber was looking to leverage their value as a high-quality cosmetic men’s barbershop product line. In being one of the first players to the high-quality segment, My Favorite Barber required a confident and professional brand to be paired with social media optimization.


In order to impact My Favorite Barber’s target customer base, we started with understanding their market. What kind of content do they like? Where are they spending time online? What style would not just leave an impression but be a call-to-action?

After we understood what a successful campaign would look like and had a solid understanding of the target customer, we met with My Favorite Barber for a Storyboarding Session. We considered many different concepts, from an “Apple-esque” product launch to an infomercial.

The content is strategically directed at selling the experience of their versatile product line. Being a “first of it’s kind” product, the content had to form a basis for My Favorite Barber’s customers to visualize the utility of the products.



Our creative team doesn’t just take pictures, they create a product experience. For My Favorite Barber, we provided a series of strategically chosen photos to highlight the range of products in addition to the barbers’ and clients’ experience using them.

Video Production

A picture tells a thousand words, a video tells a million. We produced a single-spot social media advertisement to reflect the refined characteristics of My Favorite Barber’s new products. Voiceover talent and set design were key components in positioning the product line. The final product was leveraged to reach new and existing customers through My Favorite Barber’s social media channels.


After reaching the final stages of production, MFB’s product video was submitted to the communicator awards and won an award of excellence in low budget commercials..

Platform Build

We initiated product launch success by setting up a social-media ecosystem for My Favorite Barber. A range of 32 platform options ensures that My Favorite Barber will benefit from off-page SEO for years to come. Listing platforms, social media profiles, and analytics tool integrations such as Facebook Pixel provide the ability to meet any goal. With every account in one location, all platform build customers enjoy seamless credential hand-off and a choice of which platforms to integrate with. 

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