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This year, we have seen many brands use Artificial intelligence  to build an instant connection with customers all over the world.  Chatbots are solving their issues with customer interaction. Transcription: What is an automated chatbot? How can it help you automate your customer service and save you thousands and thousands of dollars a year? In this...
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Businesses complete their operation by surrendering their products to the customer/consumer. On a number of occasions, the customer would not take or buy the product until they have been convinced or asked to buy. They won’t buy something they don’t know. ​ This is where marketing comes in. Marketing is a tool in business that...
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Under normal circumstances, people perceive large businesses as more established, successful, and having a good reputation, and thus develop a certain kind of trust. People tend to buy products and services more Being a small business that is still growing with few reviews and small name recognition can be quite a struggle to survive with...
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The Holiday season is here, the busiest season of the year. Buyers everywhere get into a frenzy shopping mood looking for last-minute gifts, electronics, clothing, Christmas decorations and more. This being the busiest time of the year, businesses tend to make more sales at this time. At the same time business are competing to outdo...
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Just like Christmas, All Hallows Eve has something to offer your business if you want to grow your business! You don’t have to be an eCommerce store or online subscription service to take advantage of these SPOOKY ideas! Frightening Tip #1: Drive traffic to your website by “decorating” Yes! You can decorate your website just...
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Starting a business is hard work. However, it is safe to say that establishing a successful business can be much harder, as it is both physically and emotionally challenging. Every entrepreneur starts a business with the hope of growing it into a successful and productive one. However, this is easier said than done. To start a...
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