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Social Media Trends to Grow Brands in 2018

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Brands nowadays trying to find more ways to connect with their audiences using social media platforms. But it’s really unpredictable to say how the social media marketing will change over the year with new trends. Each and everyday user scroll through 300 feet of content and in this small window brands need to grab user attention. So, how a brand starts building social media ideas the make the user a valuable reader or a customer towards the brand. Here are our strategies, online growth system believes these strategies will impact your business via social media.
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Customizable Chatbots

In this year, we have seen many brands using chatbot to build an instant connection with customers all over the world. The chatbots are solving their issues. According to a report from Gartner, 20% of business content could be machine-generated by 2018 and it also says if the machine can create stories that are genuine and relatable this marketing is certainly worth investigating. People often ask what’s the special thing about chatbot, is that will cost the brand a little more? But when it comes to interacting quickly with the audience in a way that feels special and personal, that makes the customer more comfortable. These bots are more like human, even a brand can customize a brand voice and send personal messages directly to the user.
If you aren’t already used chatbot in your business, maybe 2018 is the year that you should test it. It’s totally easy to design a test bot and it gives an opportunity to test it before a business makes this live for customers. It’s secure and worth investing.

Ephemeral Content

Ephemeral content is a new trend of 2018. Ephemeral content is shared for up to 24 hours and after that, it disappears forever. So it makes a customer tendency to take quickest action and markets gain. But the brand needs a high-quality social content strategy. In the social media world, National Geography is the best example of the Ephemeral content provider. We see a lot of brands using their best content to pop-up in your story in between 250 million other stories every day. But how a brand should make a story that actually counts.

Online growth system is going to give you a tip on this. Always leave an opinion option on your story. Because if people reply to your story that means that is reaching your potential customer who cares to reply even to get or buy the services. And comment if you need any tips to grow your business in 2018 using stories.

The Rise of Augmented Reality

Now a day, Augmented Reality on mobile devices provides a great engaging way to reach potential customer from any business. It’s really quick. Interactive and easy to use. Snapchat already took one step towards this using Bit emoji’s, which roll out a new AR feature. This app allows the user to project themselves or images into a real world through the app camera. If you are planning to use Augmented Reality in your business to get an amazing user look, make sure that add values for the user and it’s also shareable

Influencer marketing

This is one of the crowded parts of marketing which is Influencer Marketing and it’s not that new because we are having a competitive market on this already. It’s really hard to know who to trust because of the popularity of influencers. Consumers seek authenticity from the influencers but the brand wants to work with influencer (With Higher Engagement Rate). The future of influencer marketing will see the business turning into expert and for that different brand will be working with a social influencer. And their opinions will not be trusted anymore.

When you are working with an influencer to promote your business make sure that the influencer has right types of audience (Which means targeted audiences). And another special note if the influencer never promoted similar niche brand that will be a huge plus point because the customer will not be confused anymore.

Mobile-Ready Content

​In 2018, there are more people who use mobile phones rather than using laptop or desktop to browse social media. It’s really very important to make your content which suite for the mobile phone user. Because the top 4 platform Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube more loved by the mobile user. So make sure that you crop images which will be suitable for small screens, don’t forget to produce high-quality content with a proper call to action and keep your headlines effective and short. A business should always strategize mobile content too.

Video & Live Streaming

When a business makes video content and weekly be live with their potential customer, they make a connection. A video can explain a lot then writing that into a text. People often get bored to read the text in your description box but if a brand makes a quality video that makes a customer stop the scrolling and watch the video. This types of content make a brand stand in a crowded business world in 2018. Amy Porterfield (Social Media Strategist) always use this tactic to ask her valuable audience what’s issues they are having or what they like. With the responses a proper strategy build. How? If a business starts doing things that customer like they will reach more audience and also stop or improve these things that customer doesn’t like help them build an image which says, they value the customer opinion.In a business, if you value the consumer’s opinion what helps makes a brand personal connection with the potential customer. One of the important thing about 2018 is most of the social media enables Live streaming now, example: YouTube, Tumblr, Musically etc. In a Facebook report, it says more than 3X people watch Live streaming rather than regular videos. This makes a brand grow. So, video marketing and Live streaming are must necessary for a business to use in 2018.

These were the kick star tips for you to take your business on top and make your audience much bigger. 2018 is an exciting year to give your startup, or business a magical landscape to use. Always keep your eyes on Online Growth Systems to get more tips to keep your brand ahead in the marketing curve.

Don’t forget to let us know what you think about using these trends in your business or have you used any of them before and what’s the result


About the author

Joyeta is an experienced online marketing manager for several startup brands. In addition to helping companies grow, Joyeta helps individuals succeed through her Youtube channel where she publishes work to 14,000 subscribers.

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About Joyeta

Joyeta is an experienced online marketing manager for several startup brands. In addition to helping companies grow, Joyeta helps individuals succeed through her Youtube channel where she publishes work to 14,000 subscribers.


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