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Protect Net Neutrality

Welcome to the Protect Net Neutrality Community!

Thank you for supporting Protect Net Neutrality!
Your voice makes a difference.
​You are supporting an open internet, digital civil rights, and equality online.

Whats included in the PDF:

  1. ​List of each State in the USA and your House Representatives
    • Your Rep’s contact info
    • What committees they sit on
  2. List of each State in the USA and your Senators
    • Your Senator’s contact info
    • What committees they sit on
  3. Link to sign the online petition giving you a voice that you support open internet and Net Neutrality
  4. Links to educate yourself on the subject of Net Neutrality
    • Videos
    • Articles
    • News Updates


  1. How to contact the FCC (Federal Communications Commission)
    • Phone number to call
    • Number to text RESIST and count your vote of support
  2. How you can help spread the word to get more people onboard and make a difference!
    • PDF to forward to people
    • Links to share on Social Media
    • How to join our online Protect Net Neutrality Community

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