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Dick Polipnick

Cheif Growth Officer

How Dick helps our clients #growth

Dick is the driving force behind all the #growth here at Online Growth Systems. It’s why we focus on #growth every week in our team meetings and help our clients #growth their digital strategies to increase sales and their audience. Dick manages projects, leads the teams, and works on the big picture with our clients.

About Dick

Dick is our own Steve Jobs here at Online Growth Systems. He is the face of the business, and he built our company from the ground up using his knowledge of social media from building his own digital empire. (He already had Nine THOUSAND followers on Twitter when he was 18 years old!)

Dick's Hobbies

“I love to read books! I read at least one book per week- some of them paperback and some I listen via audiobooks. I also love to go backpacking! My favorite trip to date was a 2 month trip I took to Central America where I hiked between Mayan Temples and surfing coves! I’m also a huge Game of Thrones fan. #Baelish4TheWin”

Dick's Favorite Blogs

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Dick's Favorite Videos

Dick's Favorite Books