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Britta Muldoon

Growth Optimization Strategist

How Britta Helps Our Clients #Growth

Britta helps the team and clients with #growth by head spearing strategy, managing projects to prematurely hit deadlines, and diving deep into the data to improve results.

About Britta

Britta is the Growth Optimization Strategist at Online Growth systems. Britta is passionate about using data strategically and creatively to help clients connect with their customers and #growth their brands in sustainable ways. As an action-oriented leader, she is methodical yet quick to respond to the changing scope of projects and new ideas. She especially enjoys seeing how digital marketing connects companies with their customers to drive results.

Britta's Hobbies

She enjoys cooking, meditation and dance fitness. She is passionate about staying active and building her fitness level to improve at dance. To express herself creatively, she likes to paint, write poetry, and make sculptures.

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