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Online Growth Systems Founder Dick Polipnick Wins the Minne Inno Under 25 Award

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In a highly competitive 2020 nomination pool, CEO of Online Growth Systems, Dick Polipnick, is named on the “Under 25” List among 10 others by Minne Inno and The Business Journals.

Dramatic changes in people’s lives can often leave room for new ideas, improvements, or innovations, and that is exactly what 2020 has done. We asked Polipnick about his recognition in a Q&A format, to which he yielded  a thought-provoking perspective.

Question: “What would you say about the events in 2020 and how they have affected innovation?”

Answer: “OGS (Online Growth Systems) has been extremely fortunate in 2020 to be in a position to seize opportunity and grow amidst a pandemic, social unrest, and economic uncertainty. We have had clients on both ends of the spectrum suffering from the events [Restaurants, Schools] but also some that have seen extreme growth this year [Hospitals, Ecommerce, Software, Insurance].”

As Polipnick confirms, the unique sequence of events this year in combination with an entrepreneurial mindset (and some luck) has led to multiple opportunities for him and his company. Similar to the spectrum of outcomes for businesses in particular industries, there seems to be a correlation regarding leaders in business. While some shuttered in fear of failure, others such as Polipnick seized the opportunity of new market growth.

For the CEO and his company, these opportunities among many included modernizing landing pages for higher conversion, building social campaigns to spread brand awareness, and leading software development projects.

Online Growth Systems is a full stack digital marketing agency built to make businesses grow. As an evolving agency, OGS delivers results to clients through unique solution based methodologies.

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