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Is Sunny Lenarduzzi’s YouTube for Bosses Class Worth it?

Without a proper strategy on YouTube, your videos are not going to reach the full potential of viewers. Whether you are a small business owner, entrepreneur, YouTuber, content creator or social media marketing strategist, you have been searching for ways to get your targeted views on YouTube. But how can you crack the goal in your competitive sector?

YouTube Marketing is a tool among the most-talked subjects in social media and entrepreneur circles right now. One of the main questions  we get most is how to get started on YouTube.

Sunny Lenarduzzi is a born broadcaster and valued the power of connecting to an audience through a proper communication. Her channel was referred to as a Must watch YouTube Channel that will Change your Business by Forbes and one of 50 Must- Follow Women Entrepreneurs in 2017 by The Huffington Post.

So, when you don’t get many views and subscribers, do you feel frustrated? Do you want to grow your YouTube Channel in order to build life-long customers? Do you want to be an online #growther, but NO IDEA where to start?

“YouTube for Bosses” is the solution that you have been searching for. It is a crash course designed to educate about how to get targeted views on YouTube. In this blog, we are going to talk about why you need this course to get your business to the top. At Online Growth System, we always talk about courses and guideline to make sure that you are growing in this online world, and this course is definitely one of those excellent courses.

✅ It has 4 sections and modules, also 4 step-by-step training videos. Sunny will walk you through the entire YouTube video marketing procedure from start to finish to make sure that your content is available for your targeted audience.

✅ In the beginning of the course she will help you find the right keyword to attract your customers. After that, she will show you how to edit and optimize your videos. Finally she shows you how can you get 5X reach and potential for your videos.

✅ Sunny has an exclusive “YouTube For Bosses” Facebook group for all of the bosses in this program to support and share each others content to grow together.

✅In this course, you will get a checklist and cheat sheets to keep your YouTube marketing ideas on track.

✅There is a bonus sector which includes everything that you need to create a perfect Opt-In. In this section, you will get guidelines for content, email integration, testing, design and the process to turn your YouTube subscribers into actual leads and customers.

At Online Growth Systems, we always aim to make #growth in our business and also in our customer’s brands. So, we had the opportunity to take this course and review it for you. This way when you take the “YouTube For Bosses” course, you can see whether you agree with us or not and let us know your opinion in the comment section.

To grow your business on YouTube, you need a video content brainstorming tactics and strategy that your target customer is seeking.  But keywords are another key to success in YouTube marketing. You will get a complete guideline on how to use Keyword Everywhere, Google Keyword to rank your YouTube videos on Page 1. If you can rank on the first page you will get free, targeted, organic traffic coming to Your Channel every single day. One of the things I learn from this section is how I can connect TubeBuddy (Click here to get it) with Keyword EveryWhere to get the possible keyword which has much more search terms, low competition and has a good score in Tube Buddy.

Optimizing videos is another important key aspect to keep in mind before you put your videos up for the world to see. In this section, you will see how you can a write your videos transcription, title, description, tags, meta tags, create thumbnails and more! What is great about this section that many of you maybe don’t know, is how you can add these details to the video description or content to get a higher ranking. This is really helpful for the video but if you can’t add these details, it is not a major concern right away, but it is definitely recommended to add.

This is my favorite section from the entire course. You can’t actually expect to get all the views and leads from YouTube only. You need to get more attention and start converting customers. Yes! I am talking about social media marketing and email marketing! If you don’t build an email list, it will not help you in the long run. In this course, Sunny said that maybe one-day social media will not be that effective anymore, but if you have an email list full of targeted people who subscribed to your email list because they love what you do, you have that list of people who want to be connected as possible forever! These can help you keep your business on the track.  You can also use social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat to get more views from your YouTube videos.

After you will complete this section of the course, you will get into the section where you will learn how to make an Opt-In design, the lead page where you will make your customers into a subscriber email list. You can check Sunny’s email list subscription pop-up and learn from there too, but you need to make sure that when your audience is visiting your website, you have the pop up right after 20-25 sec because your targeted customers need to see what’s the content they subscribe. Sometimes you can give the email pop-up before they leave and make sure you have a thank you pop up too. This will keep engagement and personal relationships with the customer which is helpful for a brand to grow.

That’s all we have for today! We will come back with another blog which has new information to keep the #growth alive. In the meantime, don’t forget to check our YouTube Videos and other videos to see how we are keeping our #growth on track.

Let us know in the comments section one thing you learned from reading this blog about Sunny Lenarduzzi.

Here is the link to her website:
Youtube For Bosses Course:
Sunny Lenaarduzzi YouTube Channel: (Subscribe!!)


About the author

Joyeta is an experienced online marketing manager for several startup brands. In addition to helping companies grow, Joyeta helps individuals succeed through her Youtube channel where she publishes work to 14,000 subscribers.
8 Responses
  1. Apo

    Sunny’s course is the real deal! I went from 48 subscribers to over 130,000 subscribers in 10 months. Here is the thing you have to follow EVERYTHING to the T. She’s put so much work into this product so if you want results you have to follow everything she gives you. She has been a blessing to my business. She has a client for life. I’m just a little taken back by some of the negative comments on here. As someone who has an online business, I know how it is to have LIVE webinars and Replays. When you have an online business is close to impossible to try and do live webinars all the time. Especially a growing online business. Sunny is one person. Just because a webinar is not LIVE does not mean it’s bad content. She is one person, you still get value from recorded webinars. If she devoted her time to always being LIVE she wouldnt be able to make more products or devote her time to her community. BTW- I was never great on camera. I learned how to be better by challenging myself to get comfortable. So just because she has TV and broadcasting experience does not make her an exception. She’s build a business from her heart. You can tell within her work. Hope this helps people get more understanding around this. xoxo

  2. Ricky Carruth

    I took Sunny’s YouTube for Bosses course. It was an incredible experience that took me from 2,000 to 20,000 subscribers. The tips and tricks she teaches will last you a lifetime. I was already doing pretty well too, so her stuff is not just for beginners. It goes deep inside the YouTube algorithms. Based on what Sunny showed me, my channel will grow to 100,000 in no time on my way to 1,000,000. I would seriously suggest anyone looking to grow their business on YouTube to make this mandatory. I can’t thank you enough Sunny!

  3. Peggy

    I am so surprised to see any bad/negative reviews about both YouTube for Bosses and Sunny Lenarduzzi. I have NOTHING but positive comments about the course and Sunny. I know that everyone is entitled to their own opinion – but I have never believed in slander or throwing anyone under the bus – but that’s me. I got SO much out of her YouTube for Bosses class – and being a part of the Facebook groups that she specifically created for the YT4B members has only helped me every single day. Sunny or someone from her team are often a part of these groups and really answer as many questions as they can. I have had the opportunity to talk to her when I took this course AND when I saw her speak at an event I went to – and I have nothing but wonderful things to say. I truly believe – just like so many things in life – you get out of a course or class what you put in. YouTube for Bosses requires a person to really commit to the system – and I know for many it is a LOT of steps. But for me – the more I knew – the more I learned. I just had to hop on here to say that I would highly recommend YouTube for Bosses (and have recommended it to MANY people – including 2 of my best friends). I think Sunny is a first class and upstanding person – that’s my true feelings.

    1. Dick Polipnick

      Hi Peggy, thanks for your comment! I agree, Sunny provides value that WELL EXCEEDS what you pay for the course. Plus, you pay for the course once and you can benefit from what you learned for years.

  4. Sheryl Brailey

    Hi, Just wanted to know if it is worth it. or if this is free info That I can find online. This will be for my daughter and myself so just wanted to make sure before purchasing

    1. Dick Polipnick

      Hey Sheryl, thanks for your comment! 🙂 I absolutely think you should get it. It’s an investment that has paid for itself many times over for me.

      I even have each new hire on my video/content team take the course before they start to work for me. It really teaches you a lot in an efficient amount of time.

      Let me know if you have any other questions 🙂

  5. Ahmed Faruk

    Loved the blog! I was trying to take this course but actually didn’t got this types of review from anyone.

    Thank you so much for helping us to choose this course!

    Worth it!

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About Joyeta

Joyeta is an experienced online marketing manager for several startup brands. In addition to helping companies grow, Joyeta helps individuals succeed through her Youtube channel where she publishes work to 14,000 subscribers.


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