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How to Fix Blurry Images in Google Docs

Are your images blurry or pixelated when exporting to a PDF from Google? This is an issue we recently ran into when working on a client project; however, there were minimal online resources to be found. Left with no other option, we embarked on the dreaded support journey, but it actually was a pretty easy fix! Today, we’re going to show you how.

🕵🏽 What to look for

Before fixing the problem, there are a couple of things to consider. Are you exporting from Google Docs or Slides to a PDF format? If so, this article will help; however, if you are attempting another export option, our solution may not work for you.

The second condition is that you need to be attempting to apply one of Google’s image adjustments to the attachments in your document. We have not tested any other filters besides the black and white conversion.

To the left, you will find an example of the issue we are referring to. Both screenshots are the same size and file, but the left file has the black and white formatting from google applied. Although the differences may appear minor, the left image appears to be a lower resolution and contains broken artifacts on the edges of the text.

🛠 How to fix it

After talking to support and experimenting we found a workaround that leads to flawless PDF exported images that are black and white!

Step 1: Open up on your browser of choice.
Step 2: Locate the source file on your computer and upload it to Canva. If it was uploaded into the document by someone else and you don’t have it on your computer, download it.

Step 3: In Canva, go to the “Filter” tab on the upper row.

Step 4: Select the “Greyscale” filter on the bottom left.

Step 5: Export as a .png and re-upload to Google Docs.


Google’s Workspace Suite is an incredible tool for web-based organizations, but it has its share of minor technical errors here and there. Google’s support made it easier to solve the problem, and they were even friendly and funny. With this simple workaround, you will be able to export documents from Google with ease and error free.

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