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How to Build Trust with Your Customers

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Whether you recently started a business and beginning to gain customers or you already have an established business, learning how to build trust with your customers is key. This asset can even lead to attracting more customers to purchase your products and services. As an entrepreneur, you need to learn key skills to keep your customers, and in this article, we guide you on what to do to have customers storming your store or website for your products or services.

1. Be Honest and Transparent

Big brands are not thereby just coincidence but through years of hard work, building trust, and defining their products. In building trust, honesty and transparency is vital. One mistake business men and women make is focusing on making profits all time at the expense of the customer’s value of the product. Always be honest about your products features, capabilities, and your business services capabilities. Don’t try to convince them to buy a product that doesn’t have features they want just because you want to make a sale.

Tell customers the truth and let them make a choice whether to choose the product and services or continue with the search for the specific product. Honesty and transparency shows you care about your customers and their needs, and they are more likely to trust your brand. Trust will lead your customers to write positive reviews about your business which in turn attracts more customers. By using this positive cycle in a few years you will be getting bigger and bigger. Lying about your products and services will lead to negative reviews and put off other potential customers willing to do business with you.

2. Be Reliable

Customers want a reliable product or service. They want to connect emotionally to the product before making an actual decision to buy the product. Customers wants to get into your store and always find the product that meets their expectations. The fact that the product or service you offer your customers meets the quality they expect makes them trust your business. On the contrary, offering a rather low-quality product or service than you promised draws negative reviews and leads to mistrust. So how do you make your products reliable?

The first is to test your products before producing them in bulk. Have different versions of the products and release to a few customers and watch which one they like, then you can launch that specific product in large amounts. Another way is to organised targeted groups of people and lets them speak out their problems in a certain area, and what kind of products they think can solve their problems.

3. Be Consistent

Customers want consistency in the quality of the products and services you provide. A consistent brand increases the overall value of your business and attracts quality customers. As a matter of fact you should strive to increase the quality of your products and services rather than lower it. Your brand message, design, and delivery are the building blocks of a consistent brand. Your brand message should be in line to with who you are as a business, you actions, and your behavior. Inability to deliver what your brand message says will deem you as inconsistent. Consistent design of imagery on your logo, website and other social platforms can help build trust. Your delivery of services and communication with clients will contribute a lot in trust-building. Things such as typos on websites and when communicating to clients and outdated content will quickly affect your brand.
4. Be Professional
Your relation with customers and co-workers should be very professional. Some of the key characteristics of a professional are:

Etiquette; the way you communicate and handle customers and co-workers. You should be polite and follow certain company protocol.

Organized; your business should be organized, if it is a store make sure it is neat and products are carefully organized, and the customer care services are well delivered. If your business is a services business, make sure there is an organized protocol in which your customers are served.Being skilled and competent in what you offer is another characteristic. You should be able to provide what your business promises and sells and even exceed the customer’s expectations. Make sure you meet customers deadlines. Another thing is to be ethical.Your company should have a written code of ethics, so co-workers know how to serve customers and handle themselves during working hours. Things such as accepting bribes, gifts, use of swearing words, and sexual assaults are things that can quickly tarnish your brand name. Having a strict set of rules, strict vetting of employees, and setting up disciplinary procedure at your business will help maintain ethical behavior and reputation at all times

5. Value Your Clients
One question to ask yourself is, “does your business put customers or your revenues first?” Customers will definitely know when all you want is to make a sale rather than provide to their needs. Your will lie about your product quality or offer poor services once you convince a customer. Be assured this customer is not coming back and will never recommend your business to anyone. Be authentic in the products and services you offer. Go the extra mile to ensure you give your customers an astounding experience. This way they want to keep coming back. You will actually start getting referrals from some of customers. Word of mouth is free advertising.
6. Ask For and Value Feedback
Always encourage customers to leave both positive and negative feedback. Accept mistakes and take criticism positively by improving on the areas you get complaints from. When customers see you keep on improving to meet their needs, they feel cared for and in the end trust your brand.
7. Use Social Media Platforms
Social media has grown into a big thing that brands need to utilize to create awareness, build their brand, and serve their customers. Your brand can take the advantage of social media to build trust. A few ways is to use social media to first create awareness about your company and educate customers about your business, products, or services. Once you start getting customers, encourage customers to leave reviews or share what about their experience was good. Customers always do a research on a business, and they check reviews to know if your business offers quality services and products. Positive reviews show customers you are a trusted brand, and one that values quality. This builds trust which leads to increased business.
8. Payment Ease
Offer your clients easy and secure payment options. If you are a business that sells online, providing safe payment options is a must to get customers to trust your brand. No customer wants to put their card or bank details in an unsecured payment option. With increasing stories of online theft and hacking, most customers will shy away from your business if the payment option is unsecured.

As you build your business and incorporate marketing strategies, keep in mind these tips that let clients trust your brand. You don’t want to lose that customer you earned through hard work and marketing.



About the author

Anthony is a guest author on the OGS team and a regular contributor to topics regarding Technology, Marketing, Social Media, and more. You can find all of Anthony's articles here on our blog.

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About Anthony

Anthony is a guest author on the OGS team and a regular contributor to topics regarding Technology, Marketing, Social Media, and more. You can find all of Anthony's articles here on our blog.


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