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How AMAZON ALEXA Can Help to Grow Your Business!

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Have you ever tried implementing a digital assistant in your office? It may sound unusual, but actually it’s pretty common. It is predicted that almost 36 million people are going to use a voice-activated assistant device at least once in a month which is double the number of users in the previous year.

Virtual assistants include software’s inside various devices like Apple’s Siri, Google Now, Amazon’s Alexa etc. Voice-enabled speakers also use virtual assistant software, such as Amazon’s Echo AND Google Home. These devices were mainly invented for home use. People ask it various things, and it answers them. Though most digital assistants put restrictions on what developers can do with the system, the systems are always growing. But in the year of 2016, Amazon decided to let third parties develop think programs for Alexa. Most of this content is designed specifically for business purposes.

Many of you have already used Amazon Echo or Echo Dot without realizing the fact that you can use it to increase efficiencies in your business. You can go to the main page of Alexa. on your smartphone and click the “skills” button in the left navigation bar, select the skills you want and tap “enable”. Then your digital assistant will be able to help you to run your business smoothly. Once a skill is enabled you just need to give a voice command and Voila! Your work is done. Alexa is mainly an artificial intelligence powered, voice-activated digital assistant. It gives you control over your business via some appealing speakers such as Echo spot, Echo plus etc. But there is no need to buy Amazon products to use Alexa, because most of the smart speakers sold in the U.S in 2017 are Alexa coherent. Checking out the skill finder skill will also help you to know about particular skills and even help you to decide on the skills your company needs for growth.

Use Alexa to grow your business. You can get Alexa to do many things for you just by voice command. Here are some examples:

Manage your Emails: Emails are so time-consuming. There is a skill named Astrobot which lets you to manage your emails from your Amazon Echo. Using this skill Alexa can read, reply and manage your emails.

Website Monitoring and Schedule: You can always ask Alexa to give you a report on the status of your website using the vigil website monitoring skill. Alexa can also make sure that your customers are getting access to your services 24/7. When a website is down Alexa sends you a notification regarding the problem. Alexa can also help you to manage your busy schedule and reminds you of the important appointments you don’t want to miss.

Make Calls Just by Saying the Name: There is a skill named RingByName for making calls to any person or extension using that person’s name. Alexa calls your phone number and connects you to the person you want to talk to.

✅ Servicing Purpose: When you are managing a small business you never know which services you are going to need. You might need a plumber or an electrician to get things done. Alexa is going to get you connected with qualified service providers near your location in a few seconds.

Collect Online Store Information: A skill named Shopify Alexa collects information on inventory, orders, performances, etc. This makes a huge amount of data available and you can seek whatever you want just by asking for it.

Reminder: The heavenly combination of Alexa and an app named Remember the Milk helps you to hear what is due on what date and also reminds you of your important meetings and stuff.

Keeping Track of Business Travel and Packages: Every skill is used for a particular purpose. Doing business includes a lot of package sending and receiving. You can ask Alexa about the status of undelivered packages and keep track of them using the Mail Haven Track Packages. To use this skill you will need to connect to a Mail Haven account. People handling small businesses usually plan their own business travels. Alexa helps them with making reservations and packing. It also reminds them of the upcoming trips and flight schedules.

Calculating Business Taxes and Digital Marketing: Both of this things are very important in doing business. Sales Tax Calculator can do this job for you very quickly and precisely. You can just Alexa to get this job done when you are feeling a bit lazy or tired. It can also help you with your marketing. That is just one of the benefits of using a virtual assistant like Alexa.

Nowadays, people spend too much of their day in their business managing their calendar, dialing into meetings and searching for information. Imagine, if you have someone to do this small task that takes most of your time, wouldn’t that will be so cool? Yes! We are talking about Amazon Alexa helping in your business working as your intelligent assistant at work. Alexa can help you stay organized and focused on the things that matter whether it’s in your home or at the office. This controls the equipment in the room by simply using your voice.

Let’s dive into more details about how can Alexa help in your Business.

​1.  Alexa let you be more productive in your business and stay focused on the important task. Alexa will manage your schedule and keep the track on your to-do list. Most of the business depends on their schedule and to-do-list and keep investing lot of time to manage that. If Alexa can automatically dial into your conference call and make a phone call for you, isn’t that saves the important time of yours?  It also can quickly make a search for the information that you are looking. So, Alexa will be a lifesaver for your business.

2.  Alexa allows you to add voice to your product and services. With that, you can provide rich, personalized voice experiences for your customers. If you use Alexa in your hotel business that helps the guest feel more comfortable. This will redefine the way you interact with your customers. This unique experiences will lead your business and make you special from others.

3.  You can use Alexa for business in your organization and it gives you the tools to manage devices, enroll your users and also assign skills to scale. You can also share the Alexa devices to use in common area around your workplace. This device will let your employees be productive all their day at work.

If you are focused on building the office space of the future and creating best experiences for your employee, Alexa for business will help you move towards. This will lead you towards the great vision of smart, connected space that responds to your needs. Do you have any plan to add Alexa in your workspace? What you think about using it at work or home?

Let us know in the comments below.

That’s all for today. Don’t forget to check our past articles to keep #growthing in your business.


About the author

Joyeta is an experienced online marketing manager for several startup brands. In addition to helping companies grow, Joyeta helps individuals succeed through her Youtube channel where she publishes work to 14,000 subscribers.

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About Joyeta

Joyeta is an experienced online marketing manager for several startup brands. In addition to helping companies grow, Joyeta helps individuals succeed through her Youtube channel where she publishes work to 14,000 subscribers.


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