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Awards You Can Win as a Minnesota Agency in 2021-22

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Winning an award for your hard-earned contributions to the marketing and advertising industry can often provide an incredible sense of achievement, fulfillment, and validation – but, what’s even better are the additional benefits that come with a nomination! Today, we’ll go over some of the best Minneapolis agency nominations to win.

BOLD Awards

Association for Corporate Growth

Deadline: December, 2021

The BOLD Awards are reserved for those who are… well, bold. Nominations are based on leaders of companies who have gone above and beyond in making decisive and strategic decisions to propel growth. AGC says the awards are, “… designed to honor and recognize innovation, inspirational moves, bold visions and leaders that have made bold moves to positively grow, restructure or enhance their companies for the benefit of all stakeholders.”

Tech madness

American Inno

Deadline: February, 2022

In a creative twist on award-giving, Tech Madness is based around the concept and bracketing system of March Madness! Once Inno receives all of the submissions, they strategically make competitive brackets where your tech-enabled startup goes head to head with a competitor. The deadline is in Q1 of each year, be sure to check it out in 2022 and be prepared for your entry.

Best Places to Work

MSP Business Journal

Deadline: April, 2022

The Best Places to Work Award by MSP Business Journal is one of the most highly regarded business awards in Minnesota. It signifies employee happiness and the size and success of companies based on the submission criteria.

Top Workplaces

Star Tribune

Deadline: February, 2022

Similar to the Best Places to Work Award, Top Workplaces awards those businesses that excel at hiring and sustainably employing people. Star Tribune says, “Winning the top workplaces award is proof-positive your organization really does put people first.”

Addy Awards

American Advertising Federation

Deadline: Unknown

The Addy Awards signify creative excellence in every market and several creative mediums. From interactive brand experiences to commercials, Addy Awards are given to those who convey the highest level of excellence in delivering their product.

MN Cup

Univ. of Minnesota: Carlson School of Business

Carlson School of Business
Deadline: April, 2022

If you are looking for feedback on your agency or idea, the MN Cup is the place for you. “The MN Cup is free and open to every innovator, entrepreneur, thinker, and doer in Minnesota.” Submissions are based on the opportunity and progress of your business. Although the MN Cup is open to everyone, it is probably the least likely to be compatible for agencies that have already found their niche or have been in business for several years.

communicator awards

The Communicator Awards

Deadline: April, 2022

The communicator awards are the perfect place to begin your award-winning track record! Centered around marketing and advertising, the Communicator Awards offer submissions for different categories founded social marketing, branding, and more.

32 under 32

American Advertising Federation

Similar to Forbes 30 under 30, 32 Under 32 recognizes young extraordinary professionals who, “ultimately disrupted industry trends by introducing new customer engagement strategies and redefined organizational marketing norms.” Nominees are typically active contributors to the marketing and advertising industry.

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