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Advertising Federation Selects Agency Founder and CEO Dick Polipnick as a 32 Under 32 Award Winner for 2020

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Rising to a professional career can be long and difficult, especially given the current world events. While some may feel intimidated, others take it as a challenge to crack the code. As precise as a technician, these advertising professionals use their advantages to find that code, then watch their success grow. Dick Polipnick, Founder and Chief Growth Officer of Online Growth Systems, has done exactly that.

“It has a lot to do with the balance of successful business traction and giving back”, Polipnick says. “Many people wait a long time to pay it forward with their success, but I think people should do it as soon as possible. It allows us to learn and our economy to grow faster. If more people were willing to sit down with those that are getting started in their careers, or even at a crossroads, sharing their experiences and their expertise would build a lot of momentum.”

The Online Growth Systems founder isn’t the only one who agrees. According to a Fidelity Charitable study, nearly 50% of entrepreneurs plan to give to charity when they exit their business. The question is, will the trend catch on sooner?

For many, capital is tight during the startup phase, but Polipnick chose to give back time and expertise over monetary value. In doing so, his outside-the-box philanthropic values were noticed, and the award was well deserved along with the 31 other recipients.

Online Growth Systems (OGS) is a full stack digital marketing agency built to make businesses grow. As an evolving agency, OGS delivers results to clients through unique solution based methodologies.

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