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Dick Polipnick
Podcasting seems to be the digital gold rush that all creators have been dreaming of! Learn about podcasting from the early stages of launching your first episode to establishing yourself as an industry expert in your field. This blog post is brought to you by Minnestar, who’s known for some of the largest community events...
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Just like Christmas, All Hallows Eve has something to offer your business if you want to grow your business! You don’t have to be an eCommerce store or online subscription service to take advantage of these SPOOKY ideas! Frightening Tip #1: Drive traffic to your website by “decorating” Yes! You can decorate your website just...
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If you’re reading this I know two things about you: 1. You own or operate a small business 2. You want to learn how to get a competitive advantage against your competitors on the internet Listed below are the 100 most searched keywords on Google! With this knowledge and the recommendations below the list, you...
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About Dick

Dick is a tech hybrid that combines his business experience, marketing background, and software engineering education to solve tough problems.

As the Chief Growth Officer of Online Growth Systems, Dick leads the team to help our clients grow their SaaS and Ecommerce businesses.

In addition to being a speaker and an entrepreneur, Dick is the host of The Dick Polipnick Show, where he interviews mad scientists, Olympic athletes, business moguls, and top performers in their industry.


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