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Britta Muldoon
Close up of marketing man stacking wooden blocks with the words "core values", "strategy", and "vision" written on the sides.
Core values are more essential than you realize. “It is so important to have a strong core,” said every fitness trainer ever. Having a strong core is essential for the following things: balance, support, and basic movements like turning and pivoting. The same can be said for a company that has a strong core or...
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Marketing professionals talking around a table.
Remember the last time you met someone who would only talk about things that didn’t interest you? It was almost as if they were marketing themselves instead of having a conversation. Can you recall how you may have tried to be polite and concentrate on what they said, but they didn’t hold your attention? How...
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About Britta

Britta is the Growth Optimization Strategist at Online Growth systems. Britta is passionate about using data strategically and creatively to help clients connect with their customers and #growth their brands in sustainable ways. As an action-oriented leader, she is methodical yet quick to respond to the changing scope of projects and new ideas. She especially enjoys seeing how digital marketing connects companies with their customers to drive results.


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